With the proliferating crises our society faces—so often expressed through the actions of forgotten, displaced, neglected and uninitiated men— it's ever more important to connect adolescent boys with mentors who can invest in them while also modeling a new and authentic paradigm for what it means to be a man and how to live an emotionally honest life. Equally important is providing boys with an intentional threshold into manhood through which they can declare what they are living for and what kind of man they want to become—a place where men can bear witness and honor boys for their commitment to taking responsibility for themselves and their community.
Journeymen is offering adolescent boys opportunities in mentorship and rites of passage. Empowering them to walk a positive, accountable and conscious path.
Operating in Raleigh and Asheville, NC since 2009, Journeymen supports adolescent males (ages 12-17) in their transformation to becoming men of integrity.
We teach the boys how to identify and share their emotions, provide leadership development and opportunities for community service through group mentoring and weekend adventure programs.
We recruit and train male volunteers who model authentic masculinity and support self-awareness and emotional growth in boys while honoring their youthful energy. We support and empower boys through three programmatic activities: group mentoring circles, one-on-one mentoring, and weekend adventure programs.
Journeymen’s community-based, intergenerational group mentoring circles are held twice a month, giving disconnected middle school and high school boys, ages 12-17, a place to connect with a supportive community of peers and adults. Our groups are a safe and brave space for boys to share their truth, their struggles, and successes.
Our trained facilitators and mentors help the boys navigate struggles and provide tools for them to understand and deal with their emotions in a healthy way, supporting accountability and personal development. We effectively mobilize our group mentoring program by partnering with caring, male volunteer mentors who meet with boys twice a month. Each mentor is carefully screened and trained by Journeymen facilitators. We equip mentors with the skills needed to help boys address the challenges in their lives.
In addition to mentor facilitation training, our mentors must be actively engaged in their own personal development. Journeymen mentors are required to participate in bi-monthly group mentoring circles focusing on challenges in their personal lives, and as it relates to their role as a mentor. This level of mentor training and support creates a caring and conscious community that is capable of supporting the young men we serve.
Twice a year, we provide a weekend retreat for boys to take a deep look at what kind of men they want to be and what gifts they have to offer the community.
This Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend (ROPAW) is the seminal experience in Journeymen and is a vital component in the healthy development and transformation of boys into men of integrity and authenticity. Adventure Weekends are a fun and challenging experience for boys, providing a clear threshold for them to consciously step into their journey to healthy manhood.

Our program goals are to embrace each boy and strengthen his decision-making skills, self-esteem, social intelligence, and emotional regulation. We seek to improve his academic performance, goal-setting abilities, and give him a safe and brave space to share his life goals and dreams. We also want to connect the young man to his community and fortify his family relationships. Ultimately, we hope to create an upward trajectory towards a healthy adult life for the boys in our program.
Journeymen connects each boy with a community of peers and mentors who are committed to supporting him in his transformation.

We believe that mentoring and rites of passage are vital to supporting a society comprised of initiated men with self-awareness, compassion, courage, integrity, and purpose. Help us build a world that is rich in connection and compassion. A society that blesses the dreams trying to awaken in our boys. The time is now. Will you answer the call to adventure?
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