Volunteers from across NC and the world came together to help build this project. Mr. Rogers is a hero of mine. Our team took his message to heart, knowing that when there is hardship, we should look for the helpers. All we did was build a platform to amplify these positive stories. It was so awesome to see hundreds of people share their stories of helping and investing those stimulus check dollars directly to their neighbors and local communities
Similar efforts to this have launched across the United States supporting a variety of causes. Currently, Pledge My Check reports the largest sum of pledges and what makes them unique is that they are not promoting any one cause specifically. There are people pledging to major nonprofits and food banks just like there are people pledging directly to their neighbors and those they know on the front lines. 
Another Round - $600 going out in early 2021
With round #2 stimulus checks hitting people's bank accounts this week, we want to share more stories of hope and generosity! Our team is inspired by everyday folks choosing to be a good neighbor and invest in their community's instead of buying that conveniently priced $600 iPhone. Want to help out with this volunteer project?!

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