I led the team through a design thinking process to create a problem-based solution for diabetics.
Thanks to Emily and Reborn Clothing Co we were able to prototype our Type1 Wallet.
The idea was to create a Diabetes Pouch & Wallet combo. This way diabetics could carry insulin, needles, ID's and cash all in one place. We explored having a build in GPS tracker as well.
I pulled in my videographer buddy, Carter, and we directed and edited this short promo video!
We had a ton of fun creating this video, the prototype, and the MVP website for our product. We surveyed a dozen potential customers and although we are not planning to move forward with developing the Type 1 Wallet at scale, I'm excited about future possibilities to help folks suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. For example, I would love to combine what I've learned about facilitating groups with Journeymen to provide group support / mentoring to fellow diabetics.
As we say in the entrepreneurial world:
 "fail fast, fail forward."
So although we didn't ship this product, I don't see it as a failure. I learned so much through the process, from facilitating a design thinking process to director a promotional video. 
So if it is a failure, it's a failure that I'm glad to have in my back pocket!

Thank you to the team:
Emily, Thomas, and Juliana

Carter - for the amazingly quick turn around on this video. Upcoming video project? Hit him up

 And to our amazing professor, Jeff Pollack, for his support and advice throughout this process.

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